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Prescap Financial Advice for Understanding Tax

One of the major sources of funds for any government is the tax collected within its borders, and the UK is not an exception. The UK imposes different types of taxes on individuals and legal entities alike. It is therefore important to get acquainted with the tax system if you plan to work or invest here. Here is a brief on the different types of taxes.

Income tax is levied on earnings. Each individual under the age of 65 is eligible for tax allowance whose exact amount varies periodically. The taxes are classified by the source of earnings. Here are the main tax classes. Read More...

Disposing of Sensitive Financial Documents

We all know the dangers of carelessly disposing off sensitive document. With people who are dedicated to dumpster diving and scavenging, in no time you’ll have endless cases of identity theft, business plans and strategies duplication, and consequently huge losses and even court cases. It is therefore paramount to look for effective ways to dispose sensitive financial documents.

Shredding the Documents

It is important that you use a shredder that can also cut across the sensitive documents instead of a simple strip-cut shredder because it produces smaller pieces of paper. This will ensure protection from potential information thieves who may reconstruct those strips into complete pages. Use a shredder that can cut strips of 1/32 or less of an inch, and a crosscut of ½ inch. Read More...

The Secrets of Successful Businesses

Running a Business is no Easy Task!

Running a successful business is no easy task especially in the current state of the economy. There are a number of factors involved that you have to pay attention to. Still, there are some businesses that have managed to cope with the conditions and are making steady growth. The reason why these businesses have been successful is because they had a strong base and stuck to the critical aspects of running a successful business. These companies have found a way to get capital and keep their business operations running smoothly when others haven’t. If you want to succeed in your business then you will have to do the same. 

Aspects of Running a Successful Business

In the past few years, a number of startups have emerged. While not all of them have been successful there are some that have been able to consolidate their position in the market. Taking a look at the journey of these successful start ups can give you insights on the aspects of running a successful business.      Read More...

What Are the Financial Costs of Selling a Home?

If you intend to sell your home, it is important to note that there are a number of financial costs you are bound to incur. Selling a home can take a while, as there are many requirements that you need to meet, both financial and non-financial. You should be informed on the things you need to do to have your home sold. In addition, you need to make sure you know the lowest amount you can take for your home, and use it to guide you during negotiations. The process requires expert help, so you should make sure you have a good estate agent to take you through it. You can get help from Some of the financial expenses you would incur include the following:


Your house will require some improvements before you sell it. There may be a few things that could be damaged; you need to fix them. In addition, the house has to look new and presentable, so you may have to do some decoration. To have your home sold fast and at a good price, you will have to pay a price to make it attractive. Some of the ways in which you can renovate your house include: Read More...


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