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Security Shredding for your peace of mind on parsonal data

Do you know who has your personal data?

Privacy is one of our basic needs, and we have the right to decide who finds out about which personal details on us and our lives. Now, with all this information around us and all these tools that copy, store and transmit data here and there, it becomes more and more difficult to keep our things private. We live in a culture of information sharing, especially in social networks where we upload photos, make comments mentioning personal things, and of course not to mention all the online forms and applications that we fill out with contact data and information as well.

Some companies and organizations do have our personal records too. For example, government offices, service providers, medical records in hospitals or practices, banks, educational institutions like schools or universities, our workplaces... Data we wouldn't like random third parties to find out about are in the hands of many people, and potentially on the reach of many others. Data theft can result in harmful practices like fraud or extorsion, and in the case of business or financial information even our security could be threatened. 

For this reason, it is important to keep an eye on where and why we disclose our personal information, because if we make the wrong move, our data might fall in the wrong hands, and the price to pay for that could be quite high. Click here for more information on data protection legislation.

Data protocols

Companies and organizations that hold personal information, such as the mentioned above as well as many others, need to follow strict protocols regarding the safe storing of information as well as clear guidelines and limitations on data disclosure. The importance of these protocols goes even beyond the basic right for privacy. Businesses do handle some sensitive information from their clients, especially in areas like finances. These companies have records of their customer's bank accounts, money flow and corporate details. Should this information leak, their clients might be highly compromised. And, as a result, they would be compromised themselves.

Data leaks are very harmful to an institution or company's reputation, so they should be particularly careful in treating private information with care and holding disclosure standars. Click Here to read examples on disclosure standards for an insitiution.

Unauthorized disclosure or information leaks make it to the news every once in a while, and whichever company is behind the scandal, is sure to see its clients portfolio shrink. Nobody wants their private information disclosed, so it is almost a mandatory investment for businesses to do all in their hands in order to make sure that their records are securely stored and, when no longer needed, properly destroyed.

Data shredding for all purposes

Records used to be written - later printed - and stored in paper, and even nowadays physical files make up most, or all, of them. When these documents are no longer in use, businesses and institutions get rid of them to clear out space. However, these documents might be retrieved afterwards by third parties that intend to use the information printed there for illegal purposes. For this reason, it is the responsibility of these companies to properly destroy paperwork, so data cannot be used that way. Ripping papers with the fingers or cutting them with scissors won't do the trick, because they can be put back together with patience, and that's exactly what ill-intended third parties are more than willing to do.

Many people fall under the false assumption that digital records are far easier to protect, because files can be deleted and then the information is gone. However, few know that actually those data can be retrieved by a hacker, or in some cases even a regular person with the right software. Physical destruction of drives won't work either, because just like with paper, they can be put back together.

Security Shredding is the only deffinitive solution for data destruction, be it physical or digital. There are companies offering complete shredding services, including the destruction of all remaining materials through recycling plants. It doesn't matter if you are a business, a government institution, a foundation, NGO, or even a particular customer who wants their personal data safe. Professional shredding will provide a complete and effective method for data destruction, with proper equipment and techniques, and absolute reliability. You shouldn't hesitate to get in contact with a shredding company and ask about their services. In the end, this will be an investment well worth it, because your personal records, as well as those of your customers, will be safe.


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